Welcome to the University

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Welcome to the University


University of Szczecin, founded 33 years ago, may boast itself on the fact that it is West Pomerania’s largest university. The city and university are located in direct geographical and cultural proximity to Germany (ca. 150 kilometers from Berlin) and within 100-kilometer distance from the Baltic Sea. Szczecin is often referred to as the “Paris of the North” due to its original urban design, i.e. distinctive star-shaped squares and roundabouts. The city is especially valued for its green spaces; there are plenty of parks and lush green squares.


University of Szczecin is a new, dynamic and, what is most important, successful university. Developing a lot of project throughout many years we're able to acquire funds equaling 20 million zlotys, mostly from the European Union. 

Moreover, among those that University of Szczecin has honored for their contributions to science and society, i.e. granted the title of doctor honoris causa, we may find: Dr Manfred Stolpe, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Christopher F. Patten, Günter Verheugen, Prof. John D. Barrow and Prof. Richard Pipes.

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