tel. centr. 91 444 1000
fax 91 444 1174
NIP: 851-020-80-05
al. Papieża Jana
Pawła II 22a
70-453 Szczecin
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University of Szczecin is a dynamically developing institution with over thirty thousand students, half of which study extramurally. Our students may choose from 44 major courses. The offer of post-graduate courses equals 58, with over 2000 students currently attending. The MBA studies available at the Faculty of Economics and Management currently have 82 attending students. Every year, there are about 500 doctoral students at our university.

The university has the right to confer doctoral degrees in fourteen disciplines: biology, economics, geography, history, pedagogy, philosophy, law, management, linguistics, literature studies, theology, physics, mathematics and political science. Seven faculties have the authority to confer the degree of doctor of science, i.e. the faculties of: Humanities, Philology, Biology, Management and Economics of Services, Law and Administration, Economics and Management, and Geosciences.


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