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International cooperation

In University of Szczecin strategy, international cooperation constitutes an essential element of raising the quality standards of research and teaching, as well as promoting Szczecin and the West Pomeranian region worldwide. The first agreement on cooperation with a foreign university was signed as early as in 1985 with the Ernst Moritz Arndt University in Greifswald (Germany). Today the University of Szczecin is engaged in cooperation confirmed by bilateral agreements with 50 universities and research institutions.

Within the ERASMUS student exchange program in the 2009/2010 academic year, agreements were signed with 82 universities (i.a. in Turkey, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic) and research institutions (i.a. in Germany, France, Italy, China, Russia). Our university employs over 50 researchers from abroad. In addition, the Faculty of Law and Administration is currently involved in running a 2-year course European Master in Law and Policies of European integration.

Our academics participate actively in international research projects, such as:
•    BBDN – Baltic Development Network 
•    Managing European Shoreline and Sharing Information on Nearshore Areas
•    Promoting Spatial Development by Creating COMmon MiNdscapes
•    Baltic Museums 2.0
•    LAMA
•    BONUS

University of Szczecin is an acknowledged partner in research and education both in and outside Europe. We are looking forward to entering into international cooperation with you.


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